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Kleen Bin

Kleen Bin is the leading South African Refuse Bin Cleaning Franchise “in operation for 20 years"

The invention of the mobile refuse bin-cleaning machine came about as a result of a number of the public complaining about how difficult it was to wash the 240L refuse bins after the Municipality had emptied it. It was found that not only was it a dirty, smelly job but that there was also a tremendous waste of both water and cleaning chemicals. Even with a lot of time and “elbow grease”, the bin would never become completely clean. Kleen Bin then decided to invent a machine that would take care of this problem. After many trials and errors, a working proto type was built.

Once the proto type was developed and fully functional, we approached a patent lawyer who immediately saw the potential and began the patent process, which has subsequently been approved. Patent Number 98/10084

The pilot operation was launched in Cape Town in 1997 and has since grown with 50 Franchises being opened to date.


In the times in which we are living, a healthy environment has become a priority. Kleen Bin (Pty) Ltd, has made it our business to contribute towards this goal by putting ourselves in the position to professionally clean, disinfect and deodorise refuse bins. A bin cleaned by Kleen Bin is left free from harmful bacteria and noxious smells, substantially reducing potential infestation by flies and maggots after each visit.

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