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The Franchise Association Of South Africa

Saving Water


  1. Saves Water
  2. Safe Disposal of Waste Water
  3. Safe for use in Residential Areas
  4. On-Site Service
  5. Disinfects harmful germs protecting our Environment especially your family and children
  6. Fast, efficient service - that works!
  7. Environmentally Friendly
  8. Bio-degradable Chemicals ensuring the Environment is not damaged during or after the cleaning process
  9. SABS and CSIR Tested and Approved Chemicals
  10. Kills 99% of known Bacteria
  11. Prevents Ground Water Contamination
  12. Prevents Pest Infestation and Contamination
  13. Saves Energy and Time
  14. Pleasant Smelling, like a Pine Forest
  15. Hygienic
  16. Domestic servants & gardeners simply cannot clean the bins as well as we do!
  17. Scrubs and Cleans
  18. Cost Effective
  19. Beautiful Clean Refuse Bin
  20. Complies with the Sanitation Bi-Laws