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Saving Water

Important City Notice

The Environmental Health Department of the City of Johannesburg has issued an important notice to all residents and commercial businesses appealing for assistance by all Stake Holders in ensuring a clean, healthy and safe environment.  

The City of Johannesburg can not protect, conserve and enhance the environment on its own and therefore requires the assistance and commitment of all Stake Holders in combating these crimes. “Some of these offences are directly linked to the waste removal system and allied activities including illegal dumping of waste, refuse and residual waste water while attempting to clean refuse bins on pavements etc.  

Discharging dirty residual waste water laden with rotting garbage bacteria & infectious germs onto pavements, private gardens or driveways thereby effectively and directly into the storm water system of the city.  

Efforts of residents instructing domestic servants or garden service workers to wash out refuse bins using hosepipe's, wasting water and polluting our dams, rivers, streams and underground water resources are directly infringing and breaking a number of the Sanitation Bi-Laws and inadvertently polluting our water resource system and spreading disease.

Please note that ADMISSION OF GUILT FINES have been determined for the above mentioned offences and that the zero tolerance principle will apply (zero tolerance per definition means that people will be prosecuted without any notice and, or warning.)