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On days allocated by the Municipality, the bins are emptied by Municipal refuse trucks. Owing to the difficulty of cleaning the 240 litre, 1.2 metre high wheeled refuse bins, they are generally not cleaned frequently or sanitised thoroughly and, thus, become a health risk, especially at places where food is prepared.


Over time, the bins collect dirt and residue, which emit offensive smells and harbour harmful bacteria. Kleen Bin offers an effective bin washing, sanitising and deodorising service of the 240 litre wheelie bins to meet the needs of the modern hygiene conscious family who find it difficult and time consuming to carry out this cleaning process themselves. In fact, businesses, householders, restaurants and complexes are demanding a higher standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Our mobile trailer allows us to come to you to clean your bins, right outside your premises. You don’t have to be in when we clean - just make sure the bin is left outside the premises where we can find it.