Welcome to Kleen Bin!

We trust you are looking forward to enjoying the convenience of a clean bin, washed and sanitised professionally, by Kleen Bin. Please watch out for a welcome email from our team for more information!

Payment of your account is due upon presentation of the invoice, as we invoice in arrears each month.

Bins are washed and sanitised on weekdays, on the day that your municipality empties your bin.

Should your bin not be emptied, usually due to municipal trucks running late or not running at all, it will be washed and sanitised the following day, provided the bin is empty.

Cancelling the service. We do ask for a calendar month’s notice of your intention to cancel the service. Please get in touch with your local service provider for cancellation requests.

Account enquiries

Please get in touch with your local service provider. Visit our contact us page to find a service provider in your area.