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*Some of our Franchisees are VAT registered and will therefore charge VAT; we have quoted both inclusive and exclusive prices.

What is the price for one bin?

Our price for one refuse bin is as follows:

Once a month: R90 excl. VAT. For VAT-registered franchisees, R103.50 incl. VAT*
Fortnightly: R125 excl. VAT. For VAT-registered franchisees, R143.75 incl. VAT*
Weekly: R190 excl. VAT. For VAT-registered franchisees, R218.50 incl. VAT*

What is the price for two bins?

Our price is as follows for two refuse bins:

Once a month: R158 excl. VAT. For VAT-registered franchisees, R181,70 incl. VAT*
Fortnightly: R200 excl. VAT. For VAT-registered franchisees, R230 incl. VAT*
Weekly: R296 excl. VAT. For VAT-registered franchisees, R340,40 incl. VAT*

I am a pensioner. Do I get special rates?

Each franchise may run its own promotions at different times of the year. Contact the franchise owner in your area for more information.


What days do you clean the bins?

Bins are cleaned on refuse removal day after the municipal truck has emptied the bins.

Do we have to supply our own water?

No, not at all. Our trailers are filled with water at our business premises.

If a bin isn’t emptied, do you come the next day?

We are unable to both empty and clean refuse bins. Talk to your local franchise owner, as not all franchises postpone bin cleaning to the next day.

How do you clean the bins?

Bins are cleaned through a combination of pressurised water and cleaning detergents. The patented mobile Kleen Bin machine can clean up to four bins simultaneously. It operates by spraying a strong jet of water mixed with the detergent into the bins, mounted upside down on the machine’s frame. This has proven to be a very efficient and effective way to clean filthy refuse bins. Only SABS-approved and CSIR-tested biodegradable detergents are used during the cleaning process, ensuring that the environment is not damaged during or after the cleaning process.


Where are you located?

We have multiple franchises situated across Gauteng, the Western Cape and Namibia. Visit our franchise page to locate a business near you.

Where do I sign up for your service?

You can sign up directly on our website. Visit the sign-up page.

Where can I get a quote?

You can contact a franchise located in your area. Visit our franchise page to find a business near you.

What is your Head Office contact number?

Our Johannesburg Head Office is 011-435-4777, and our Cape Town Head Office is 021-559-6515.


My bin was stolen, what must I do?

You will need to get a sworn affidavit along with your rates account and log a call with your local Municipality. When they have bins available, they should deliver them to you.

Where can I buy your chemicals?

Our chemicals are not available for purchase by the general public. Our compounds are patented exclusively for our franchisees.

Do you sell extra bins?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell bins. Refuse bins are supplied by the Municipality or council. Bins can also be purchased from hardware stores.


Please get in touch with our Head Office for more information. Call our Gauteng Head Office at 011-435-4777 or our Cape Town Head Office at 021- 559-6515. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you need more information, we would love to hear from you.